Finish for bulwarks

Lanny, I’m Geary Smith and I own Caylin #94. My BCC also has mahogany
bulwarks that I’ve been oiling for nine years now. I’m considering a
product that I read about recently in Practical Sailor. It’s a product
by Smith Company called Five Year Clear Polyurethane Finish. It received
excellent reviews after a 30 month test period. It consists of a base
coat(s) of
penetrating epoxy and then several top coats of a polyurethane finish.
Practical Sailor reported that this product gives a final finish very
similar to multiple coats of varnish. It’s pricey and seems complicated
to use, but might be worth it if the durability is as claimed and
reported by Practical Sailor. If you would like information on the
product, Smith Company’s phone number is 510-237-6842.