Floor mat / Blisters

T Y all for the Practical Sailor article on barrier coating with
vinyl ester. However, the article did not include info on the new
hybred product “epoxy vinyl ester”.
One FRP tank and pool builder uses a vinyl ester over dynal cloth for
a water proof barrier against blistering; What is Dynal cloth ?

Another search I am on is trying to find new cork/neoprene non-skid
floor matting, that was factory installed on Calliste in 1985. I
think Roger used “Treadmaster” on his Bcc, but I don’t like the
raised round dot or diamond patterns, as it is not easy to wipe up
galley spills with a sponge. Any ideas out there where I can find
original replacement mat?


Douglas - Check out the “Treadmaster” site and you will find some smooth
product also.
<A HREF="http://www.tiflex.co.uk/treadmaster.html ">