Thank You for your reply Marty, Yes I was refering to that floor to
hull edge. On Calliste, the floor is removeable, 2 long 3" x # 14
screws penetrating the floor bearers, are easily removed, then the
Teak over Ply floor slides forward, lifts up, and is removed.
Yes, a bead of calk, like you and Bil (BCC Zygote) recommended will
I remove this floor twice a year, and more times when actively
cruising, to gain access to the (on top) water tank clean out deck
plates, to swab out a dirty tank.
A soft gasket made of calk or soft foam rubber would contour to the
joint nicely, and be easy to clean from above, but I was interested
in any other special or unique way BCC owners might have encountered
and, or solved the problem differently.
Another idea that I had was to use 5200 to glue a fore and aft
ledger / stringer under the floor edges, which would act as a lint

Douglas Walling