Fourth of July

Hi all,
I was just sitting here have a cold beer on Shanti. I was thinking how lucky we all are to have such a great boat and great friends in this community.

So heres to freedom, BCC’s and a fair wind to sail them with. CHEERS!

oh, an a couple of extra sips for Ben’s bum foot. :smiley:

Thanks Gary – I’m gunna have a couple of extra sips of milk for myself.

Peace to all.

Excellent idea Ben lots of calcium for bone building, remember to keep your leg elevated, lots of rest, do you have a nurse maid. Someone to fold the sail that special way and turn down the berth for ya every night. Take it easy guy!

Hey Gary , I am so happy that you have stepped up from your years with a FC , to a BCC .

That encourages more to start within their budget, and as their fortune grows , they still choose to be in the Hess ownership and appreciation family.

Your continuing marine and photography related interests are such a benefit to sooo many, including your sistership, owners.

We wish you as many happy times sailing your BCC, as you had with your FC .

I always liked Roger’s catch phrase of " This could be the last boat, you will ever have to purchase " , at least that was his meaning, but not quite the same as he said it.

Thank You for sharing your knowledge and hard won information with us here .

Happy Belated 4th , celebrations !


Thanks Douglas!