Fuel Tank Info

I need to make a new fuel measuring stick. Thus today I measured my tank and prepared a spreadsheet which tells me how to mark the stick. This spreadsheet would also be useful to anybody calibrating an electronic tank sensor.

I have the “standard” tank in a 1991 boat (#95).

fuel tank.zip (6.25 KB)

That’s awesome! Your tank, IIRC is smaller then mine. Can you confirm by photo? This is my tank – is mine larger then yours? I forget the specs now. But I think I can pack nearly 40 gallons into mine.


BTW, I have your yellow strop still and plan to give it back to you – haven’t run off with it or forgotten.

Hi Craig,
Some years ago,I made up a dip stick after Shaula’s diesel tank was almost empty. I took the measurements as the tank was filled,but the stops were not exactly on every 5 gallons. Shaula is a BCC # 59, 1981. I haven’t measure the dimensions of the Al tank to see if it measures the same as yours.

1 gal 1"
5 gal 5 1/4"
10 gal 9"
15,3 gal 11 5/8"
20.6 gal 14 1/8"
25.9 gal 16 3/4"
31.2 gal 19 1/16"

Your numbers:
5 gal 4.89"
10 gal 7.14"
15 gal 9.39"
20 gal 11.65"
25 gal 13.9"
30 gal 16.15"

What year was your BCC produced, and what are the overall dimensions of the tank?

It looks like our total gallons are very close to yours, but our stick’s measurements are quite different. Interesting! I don’t know if Sam L Morse (or their tank maker) made changes to the tank between yours and ours?? I guess either method of making a dip stick should work.

Ben, I will take a photo but it is currently snowing so it may be a few weeks. When you looked at my boat I think you said the tank was smaller than yours.

Dan, it is a 1991 boat and the dimensions are in the spreadsheet (but maybe hard to pick out). The top is a rectangle 24 inches wide by 19 inches long. The bottom slopes down (longer towards the bow). Thus the tank is 13 inches high at one end and 17.15 high at the other end. The front of the tank also slopes in. Thus the tank is 19 inches long at the top and 14.25 inches long at the bottom.

Ok thanks Craig - I recall now, looked at pics again. Yup SMALLER indeed.