Groco Recalls Seacocks

I picked this thread up on the FC forum.

“Groco is recalling some seacocks manufactured from 2004-2006:”

Groco is very “generous” about a free replacement seacock but the hidden cost of replaceing a seacock is about 4 to 6 times the actual cost of the seacock not including the yard storage while you wait for Groco to send you a new seacock after they have received your old seacock.


Needless to say, the seacock is usually in the most inaccessible location. A friend of mine just finished building a Cape George 34 and has used the Groco units indicated in the recall. Not fun. It seems to be caveat emptor these days with product that has been outsourced. Does not appear the adequate QC at this end is catching this stuff.
SV “Lightfoot”