Heavy Weather Sailing

I’m still learning to sail this little boat to her optimim efficiency, 4 years into it and with more accurate wind readings I’m learning that she “maybe its me” has some issues when sailing to weather in winds much over 40 knots. I have taken out 200’ of 5/16 chain and replaced it with 30’ and removed her windlass and replaced it with my now broken back. My sails are in good but not great shape. Am I missing something or is she just too small to drive into such nasty weather. I really put her and myself to the test this year and can’t seem to figure anything out. For what its worth I keep her fully loaded and balanced and she sails like a dream in most conditions. This has come up before and ballast always seems to come up, i don’t feel like this is the answer but what do I know. I have the tall if version with 2 sets of deep reefs a yankee and a staysail that I believe are 120 and 80. I’m hoping the star will align this next spring and take both of us to Alaska. I keep looking at moving up to a BCC to get a more powerful ship but just can’t seem to push the button as I love the ease and simplicity of this little boat.