Height of BCC

Can anyone give me the height of a BCC from the bottom of the keel to the highest point. It is for shipping by road. I am told the boat can be no more than 12 feet high. I suspect with the boom gallows up it may be over that. Then if the pulpit is too high we shall have to disassemble that and then the lifelines, and so on until we meet the requirements. Stravaigin is fitted with the standard pulpit ala SamlMorse design.

I believe the legal height is 13’6". In order to ship IDUNA, we removed the wood cross piece on the gallows.

Hi Stewart,
As far as Adventure is concerned,the height of the hull from the lowest point on the keel to the highest point of the cabin top is 9’ 8.25" (This dimension is with the dodger and boom gallows removed).

When I trucked the boat from San Francisco to Jacksonville, I took the dodger off, but left the boom gallows up, as the truck was a low-bed, and the driver was content.

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Thanks Rod, the shipper tells me that there is one and a half feet for the trailer, so the boat can be no more than 12 feet. This would incude life lines etc. As you know I am a thousand miles away from the boat, normally I would just go down and measure but this is not easy…

Thanks Mike, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Here’s another one then!

I have a few pics of Eliza on the truck in this gallery towards the bottom:

They inverted the gallows for the delivery. the stern light wires ran thru the gallow uprights/stantions, so it was complicated to remove the gallows completely. Inverting them worked fine and reduced overall height a few inches…

She was trucked from TX to MA.

Compared to today, she did look a little rough sitting on the truck. You worked your butt off to make her Bristol Fashion - congratulations and Happy New Year.


Stewart, are you trucking your boat to Newfoundland?

We are headed there this summer…(as you know)… but for the rest of the forum, I thought I’d let people know, so that if anyone had thoughts of heading that way too – we could have the first ever Newfoundland BCC Rendezvouz!

Ben we are going south I’m afraid, gotta get a bit of sun, we have to chat about the Newf trip, I’ll email ya. You know it will be good.

Can anyone give us information on trucking the boat at all? We are debating moving it a short distance (like 150 miles) to get it into our backyard for working on it. I don’t even know where to begin such a search. It would then be trucked back to the water . . .


s/v Calypso, BCC #6

I used Uship.com a few times – worked well for me.

Where are you located?

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Joule transport gave me the best deal… but its long distance. There must be local folks who do it, ask at the local dock yard.

A hauler with a hydraulic trailer is required to off load the boat in your backyard. Hope the neighborhood association gives it’s AOK. Yea, neighborhood politics. The city may also frown on this endeavor. Sorry to raise these issues but experience tells me they are real.