Holding Tank - Ronco B125

Hello all,
I have ordered the Ronco B 125 tank per an earlier thread as I have removed the factory ashtray sized unit. Does anyone out there in BCC land have a photo of this installation as done by the factory. It would be helpful if available.
Thanks in advance
Mark Giegel
BCC # 93


Here are some photo images of this holding tank installation from SML. Keep in mind that this installation requires the forward (approx.) 6 inches of the tank to be located directly under the Samson Posts. For older boats where the Samson Posts extend all the way to the bottom of the hull you must cut them shorter and add a relocated partial bulkhead for support. However, on a previous forum email the owner installed the tank forward of the Samson Posts and claimed they still had plenty of room for 300’ of chain.

Lanny Luhmann
Minneapolis, MN
Hull #35


Sorry. I mean they installed the tank behind the Samson Posts.

Thanks for the pictures. I also received some from another forum member who has done this installation. As I do not want to cut the bits shorter, I will butt the tank up against them and then bulkhead/glass the tank to contain it.
Best to you
Mark Giegel