Hourly Wage for Skilled Boatbuilder ???

Does anyone know what is the hourly wage for skilled boatbuilders, these days ?

Also what would be the hourly charge for a nicely equiped boatbuilder’s work shop ?

Would there be much difference,in either of these hourly wages, between the East Coast and West Coast of the US ?

Douglas , S/V Calliste


In my limited experience with Gannon and Benjamin on Martha’s Vineyard, MA… those guys were getting about $70/hr - same as a car mechanic it seems. I worked there doing varnish/paint last spring and met a bunch of great folks. If you’re in the area, they would be a great outfit to talk to about your needs. Also, check the Woodenboat forums?


The best boatyard in the Baltimore area pays $18-$22 per hour to their skilled people. Their compensation package also includes a 401K and medical insurance. I do not know what the Annapolis yards pay their employees.


Ahoy All, just found out that my near-by local boatbuilder charges $ 50.00 / hr, that includes his shop, too. This being a remote location in VT.

A bargin me thinks, at this time.


Yer in VT? Where abouts?

Hi Ben, currently located on outskirts of Burlington, VT, at Williston.

My wife has a rental car, we drove to NY last Friday to purchase Sitka Spruce, for a new bowsprit, was successful.

Two weekends ago we drove to Georgetown, Maine, to, Robinhood - Spartan Marine, to look at Cape Dory’s, as my wife wants to upgrade her CD Typhoon, to a CD 30’ .

Is Elizabeth going to be launched soon after arrival to Vineyard Haven ?