As you know I am replacing all the sea-cocks. While waiting for the parts I notices that the hull thickness is not even. It changes between 1/2 and 3/4 inches… I wonder whether this is common or not…


Ahoy Milhan , yes it is common for the hull F/G schedule to be different thickness at different locations and at different stations on your hull.

Is this what is called “Scantlings” (Sp-?)

Fairing blocks or fairing with an epoxy filler is usually what boat builders do , to make a proper bedding for thru-hull fittings .

The one I had the hardest time with fairing was the engine intake thru-hull.

I did notice that at the bottom of the bilge just behind the lead ballast aft dam , straight thru the hull keel , is over 2" thick , so plenty of cushoning there if you run aground or run onto a rock somewhere at low tide .