I can't seem to find the owners list that used to be in Sam's site.

It showed the numbered boats and owners and recent locations.

Does anyone know if it still exists and how to find it if so?

At the ‘Forum List’ level (ie not the ‘Message List’ level), click ‘Database’ and choose either the BCC or FC list.



Thanks, Bil…I found it. There is a BCC hauled out at Turner Marine, Dog River on Mobile Bay that suffered a hole in the hull from Katrina damage. I couldn’t read the name(removed leaving a shaddow) and I was wondering who the owner was. The remnents of name looks something like “Pilot” but couldn’t be sure. I didn’t find any Pilot listed.

Can you find the HIN no?

a bit of a hurry and didn’t look extra close, but the transom might have been painted in the past and the HIN number filled over.

Do the Canadian boats embed HIN numbers?

Hi Stan:

I may stand corrected, but it is my understanding that the Canadion boats did not have HIN Numbers.


Stan, Did you see ANNIE, Robert Cozard’s Boat. It was holed in Turner’s parking lot, but luckily not washed away because his anchor caught on a palm tree. Not sure that would be him. Last I heard from him, he had patched the hole with Formica, 5200 and some screws?? maybe not. At any rate he was headed over to Fairhope to have the boat hauled so he could do a real repair. I think he was awaiting a crane to lift the boat out of the parking lot.

Hope all is well down south. Sure do wish I was back there. Its starting to get cold in Morehead, NC. Makes the boat work real slow. It is how ever coming along nicely. Turns out that I like working on boats so much, I decided to build myself a brand new one with a few pieces left over from and old one. Not only that but I’ve already picked out the next boat I want to rebuild!!! What have I gotten myself into…

Take care, Matt Hedrick

Here is a Hurricane Opheila picture. What a close call this was.

Hey Matt,

I don’t think the one I say was Annie. This was white with a painted black wale strake and the remains of the (removed?)name on the transom looked like it might have been ‘Pilot’. It did have a patched (glassed over) hole on the starboard side and sitting in Turners lot. The place is chock full of damaged boats as is Dog River Marine next to him.

I can’t imagine why anyone would bring a boat to the eastern shore to a yard…the only one I know still in business over here is Eastern Shore Marine…which has a lot NOT going for it.

I crewed on the 72-foot schooner Joshua going over to New Orleans area for the Madisonville boatshow two weeks ago. We stopped overnight in Biloxi…what a mess. Surprisingly the two major marinas survived Katrina although most boats didn’t.

I’m glad to hear you getting the boat repair bug so bad. Sawdust makes you sneeze…fiberglas shards make you itch. Sneezing is preferable.