I'm southbound

We’re on day 3 or 4, just wanted to let you guys and gals here know I’m doing my best to keep a current set of b-logs, pics and vids uploaded to my various online experience-sharing-devices. Trying not to spend too much time doing it, so it’s not a big daunting chore… so vids are short with minimal editing, pics are culled quickly, and the blog writing is 10-15 mins max. Hopefully I can keep it fresh, I assume it’ll get boring after a while… I’ll try to figure out how to not let that happen.

I’ve been able to work and upload all day long via my at&t USB broadband card, which has been great. Clients are happy, so far.

Here are the links if you care to follow along, see some pics, some embarrassing video etc…


My you have the wind at your back, ice for your rum and a pretty gal to share it all with!

We had an absolutely excellent time with Rod and Lenora of Iduna this past weekend in Baltimore. They were most gracious and helpful hosts, offering laundry, the best turkey burgers and sweet potato fries ever, a bike tour of their neighborhood, lots of good advice on anchorages and to top it all off, they were just plain fun to hang out with. I wanted to thank them publicly, and say they are both a super stand up guy and gal! Thanks so much for everything!

Here’s a classic pic of us dinghying ashore in the rain…

Sooooo Glad , That you are in the "Club " , and enjoying the minutes , That "Club " is world - wide , T Y , for Sharing ,