I am thinking about getting a RIB dingy. Avon, Achilles or West Marine. I am concerned that anything above 9’ might not fit into the boat. I will appreciate if you share your experience with me. The size and the max. hp. etc.


CERYAN (#53)

Think about a hard dink, such as the 7’ Fatty Knee or the Cherub.

We have a 10.5’ RIB with a 15 horsepower. It doesn’t fit on the foredeck, at
least not with the staysail usable. It sits on top of the windlass, which
means we have to up anchor before securing the dink - and take the dink off
before we can drop the hook. Yes, it’s a hassle.

BUT . . . we love the inflatable. We used to have a home-built 7’ wooden
lovely thing, which fit well on the deck. We used a 2 hp with that one. The
inflatable has expanded our range tremendously - we can anchor farther from
shore, go ashore when the weather isn’t all that perfect, and generally
explore lots and lots of places we’d never have gone in the other one. That
it is huge is a bonus for us, as we travel with our 2 kids and often the
dogs too. Being able to carry groceries and laundry and jugs of water is a
plus. It’s a stable platform for snorkeling from, relatively easy to get in
and out of (though we keep contemplating adding a ladder just for the

We’re planning the next big cruise (10 year timeline) and are beginning to
explore what size RIB will fit well either under the boom (ideal) or on the
foredeck but still leaving the staysail usable. Ideally we’d keep the 15 hp
motor we have. No idea if the combination is possible.

One other point - our diesel engine is the original 10 hp SABB. Having the
dink on the hip is a viable tow option. There is no way the same could have
been said for our old dinghy and 2 hp.

Good luck. You’ll find as many opinions as there are choices. We will
however, be the first to admit that our classic boat looks pretty dumb with
the RIB. Oh well.

Nica, BCC Calypso

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Fair winds and following seas!


Adventure has a Zodiac 8’6" Cadet 260 FR dinghy with inflatable floor and keel, powered by a Yamaha 2.5 hp outboard engine.

The inflated RIB stows nicely upside down between the mast and the dodger, with the stern transom against the mast. It certainly is a lump to see over while sailing, but is easily enough deployed when needed. I like it.

Having said that, I would like to try a Fatty Knees or Cherub to compare.

I do have a hard dingy, actually two. One is Walker Bay 8 ( after many many mishaps we call it Sinker Bay) and a Trinka 8 with sailing rig and 2.5 hp Seagull engine. Both of them are in good shape. However they are heavy and the engine, as suggested here, is not powerful enough to move the mother ship. I also have a metal boom vang which limits what I can tie down under the (furling) boom.
Late this year I am planning to go on a very long trip (circumnavigation) and will like to have a light inflatable dingy with at least 8 hp engine. As Nica said a RIB with a good sized engine can also be used as a back-up to tow the mother ship.
I know it will not look nice on BCC but sometimes form must follow function.
Are there big quality differences between Zodiac, Avon or Achilles?

CERYAN (#53)

I don’t mean to distract this thread but I will say that we’ve towed Whisper in a 4-6 ft. swell and calm wind with slow but steady success. In actuality, it saved us losing the boat. It’s a long story and doesn’t bear repeating here but we had a Walker Bay(hated it), and a 2hp Honda(love it) and it did the job. Amazing whast you can do when there are no other options.