Interior Cushions & Fabric

I’m contemplating new interior cushions for Elizabeth this summer, and looking for inspiration. If you have pics of your interior color schemes you’d like to share, post them up here. I have the varnished wood cabin side interior, so primarily looking for good options to compliment that darker feel. I was thinking something reddish with a pattern, anyone have something along those lines?

Here’s a pic of the cushion-less, faded, dirty salmon cushions I’ve got now.


Hi Ben , To each , his own !

There are some good guide lines available in marine outfitting books, as to choosing color and paterns for interior compatability.

My BCC came with a dark green sunbrella upolstery, and I didn’t know why.

That was until after 20 days at sea, I found the green color very inviting.

Seems that the forest or foliage green color is quite absent during long passages at sea , and during the 22 day passage from Kawai to Seattle, I began to welcome the green color, below deck.

Mike Anderson has a red-burgandy color upolstery on his boat “Tansey Lee” , as you can see on his website.

It is so nice to see that interior photo of BCC Elizabeth , Good On You , Mate !

Ben I have a book titled Classic Yacht Interiors… lots of good color photos. If you’re interested I’ll send it to you. I won’t need it back for a few more months. Send me a private with a mailing address.


When we selected a color for the cushions for our Flicka, we choose Persian Green Sunbrella for the tops and sides and Phifertex for the bottom.

Many experienced cruisers told us when on a passage there is an absence of green and a green interior cushions break the boredom of seeing blues and reds at sea.