Interior hull lining material

Hello All,

What is the material SLM used to line the exposed portions of the hull next to the cabin sole? It looks like it might be a thin cork mat material.


Ahoy Jeremy , that brown rubberized-cork like material is manufactured by “Treadmaster” in the U K .

I looked everywhere when I was in Oz, to find an equivelent, but failed to find a suitable substitute. It is Great stuff !

Treadmaster makes a diamond pattern , now as their up-graded product . Their old cross-hatched pattern is discontinued ,at least that is what they told me back in 2001 , but seems now , back in production, by their website.

I was able to convince Treadmaster to make a limited run of that cross-hatched pattern brown (Fawn color) matting for Calliste, but it cost dearly and because it weighs a lot, shipping from the UK almost doubled the price of that batch.

I think I paid USD $ 135.00 per sheet 3’ X 4’ ( estimated size ) .

I was v pleased with the new mat, because the old mat was worn and dingy looking, and the new mat looked clean and fresh .

You have to glue it down with a thickened epoxy mix . It was hard to remove the old stuff , but that “Fein Multimaster” tool came to the rescue , along with a 4" angle grinder.

I don’t like the diamond pattern inside the cabin because it is hard to clean and wipe up spills, but I use some on the exterior decks , but because it’s course , it is not good to sit on .

I think Roger used the brown diamond pattern inside Nerius .

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Ah yes ! I’m a Fein Multimaster fan as well !
It’s a great tool for a boat, as it has so many uses, and everything works in tight corners.

Thanks Douglas - Looks like I can get it from a few sources in the US – Cheers, Jeremy