Interior Varnish?

I need to repair the interior varnish near the portholes. It is a factory varnish job from 1991. Does anyone have experience matching the factory varnish inside the boat?

Also, what are the floorboards coated with? It is obviously not varnish. They are getting worn and need some attention soon.

BCC 95

Hello Craig,

Not sure what varnish they may have used. I think that generally the interiors were not varnished but left natural or oiled. If Roger Olsen catches this thread he may know. I would caution that if you do any sanding in the area on the trunk cabin sides take care not to sand too much . This is Teak veneer …not solid Teak. It is possible to sand through the veneer and then you will have a lighter wood exposed. I suggest that you sand by hand to avoid oversanding on these surfaces.
I am not sure on the cabin soles either.
Mine was left natural though I have seen some vanished. The varnish mmay look better but functionally it does not provide as good a footing, especially when wet.

I refinished my interior with Epiphanes Rapid Clear which is a semigloss finish.
Good luck,
SV “Lightfoot”

HI Craig, Hull 95 was before my watch so I am not sure what was used. However, I doubt anything changed by the time I took over the company. We only used teak oil on all the interior wood because the owner may want to varnish or oil. If we varnished, the owner was committed. However, if the buyer wanted the wood varnished, then we hired a contractor (at least on my watch) to do the work. I totally agree with Mark and his comment about sanding. The teak veneer is thin and you can sand through it easily. The cabin sole is solid so that is not a problem.

You may want to consider using a two part teak cleaner before you do any sanding. I am sure there are many on the forum who can give you good advice on what to use.

Everyone is different and everyone is positive their method is the best so you will have to decide which way to go. Personally, I am a varnish man. I love the look of varnished wood. On my own boat I use a high gloss varnish where there is a lot of contact like the door fronts, hand rail, etc. Then I use a flat varnish on all large flat surfaces like cabinets, berth fronts, etc. On the cabin sole I use a thinned semi-gloss varnish. I thin it nearly 50% then I roll it on thick. I wait for 10 to 20 minutes and wipe it all off. This does not leave a slippery surface but protects the teak from “red wine” spills. However, it is a messy job. Good luck…