In the interest of gaining more insight on interior
layouts I have taken some pics of Waxwing. They can be
seen at:

I’m hoping other owners will do the same, particularly
of those boats owner-finished. It’s tough getting
everything you feel is important in life within 28
and I know a lot of ingenuity goes into utilization of

There is a lot of information about the interior of
Waxwing I couldn’t get in the captions, but I’d be
happy to answer any question anyone might have.

dry decks and warm seas to all,

Stan Roeder hull #22 Waxwing

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T Y Stan, on Waxwing, for the interior photos. I am interested in
more details on your dining table. Currently, Iam rebuilding
Calliste’s main cabin and a new dining table arrangement is needed.
Gee, I agree, how nice it would be to see photos of interiors of
other Bcc’s, how do we get the photos on that website ?

Bcc # 72 Douglas

Doug, I use PhotoPoint and Snapfish (easily found
sites)to load pics. Snapfish will receive film for
developing (cheap)and put copies of them into an
on-line albumn for you free.
Then I copy them from the web site into my
‘documents’ file as a ‘jpeg’ and upload them to
photopoint free albumn. Sounds complicated, but it’s
not. And if I were more literate I think I could
simply post the URL address of the photos at Snapfish
andaccomplish the same end.
I’d love a scanner, but it won’t fit on the
quarter-berth with the PC or into the boats

As for the saloon table. One end mounts on the mast
with a pintle/cudgon(sp). The aft end is supported by
a folding leg (folds up against the bottom of the
table). The two leaves hinge ‘up’ and meet with their
edges flush on top to make a narrow table. Either leaf
can be opened individually. The leg is hinge mounted
about 6 inches in from the end, allowing for two (one
in each direction)sliding wood rails (just outward
from the leg)that reinforce support for the leaves.
This whole table folds down to less than 2 1/2 inches
thick and stows flush against the face of the settee
seat. The seat has a 2 1/2 inch overhang so the table
does not stick out.

I should note that my boat is the early version where
the main bulkhead is at the end of the main cabin and
the mast is thus forward of the bulkhead. I like this
arrangement best because it makes for a large forward
cabin. However, if my bulkhead were forward as on the
newer BCC’s, there may be room for a table that would
fold up against the bulkhead.

I don’thave any pics with the table in position but
maybe on the next roll.

Thanks for responding. Do try to get photos up.

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