Introducing myself

Hello Everyone,

My name is David and I’m a very happy new owner of BCC#122. I’m based in Berkeley CA, and and ramping up on all things cruising and BCC as fast as I can.


Welcome to the forum David! The more folks post here, the more we all benefit. Do you have plans for a cruise beyond the Bay area in the near future?

Dan Shaula, BCC 1981, #59

Hi Dan, the grand plan is to take a year off in 2020 and “just go”. Most likely to Vancouver Island and Alaska first.

In the meantime… I’ll be getting prepared. HAM/comms training and licensing, navigation classes, sailing classes, do some racing (Hawaii?), making lists, fixing stuff on the boat, etc.

Hi David,
We keep our BCC Odyssey in Richmond at Marina Bay. Would love to meet up with you sometime. Our email is
The BCC Galatea is also here at Marina Bay.

Hi Wayne, yes would love to meet up sometime. Will contact you via email.