Jam Cleats

I am looking for advice re jam cleats for the mast for the halyards. I initially thought that I would bring everything back to the cockpit but now blowing hot and cold on that. Any suggestions as to where best place on the mast, how best to affix (tapped/riveted) and what types might do best.

Additionally I would like to extend a big thanks to all those who have responded to some of my endless i… questions and of course have a great Xmas everyone and fair winds for the New Year.

The 1981 standard SLM mast cleats were Al open cleats, not jam cleats. I replaced the staysail sheet bronze Hereshoff cleats with Al jam cleats so that I could adjust the sheet with a single wrap, no hitch needed. However, the halyards at the mast are not adjusted and should have at least a single hitch around the cleat.

The cleats should be bolted on,tapping the mast. Be sure to use lots of polysulfide bedding so that salt water can’t get to the Al/ss surfaces. Otherwise, the Al corrodes, swells and makes removing the cleat difficult if you want to paint the mast. I ended up painting one of my cleats a nice yellow color when I couldn’t remove it without drilling out the bolts. I think the cleats are about a foot below the winches.

A self-tailing winch for the main halyard has been a great improvement, especially when launching our Fatty Knees hard dinghy, and when reefing.
Dan BCC 59