Jib Type?

Destarte’ sails with an 89% Yankee on roller reefing and a stays’l that just laps the mast by a few inches, on hanks. She is well balanced on a close reach,requiring no helm on one tack, but I find she doesn’t point too well, dropping over a knot when apparent wind is forward of about 60 deg. Also, this sail is really not enough power in light air. Tacking is through 110-120 deg arcs, making for a slow upwind beat. Now I know a cutter is no racing sloop, but I am hoping there are folks out there that have conquered this issue.

Are there folks out there who are really happy with your heads’l plans? If so,
A. What is the best mix of heads’ls for both light air and trade wind sailing?
B. Would you recommend a 105% Yankee?
C. Is there any merit to the old Balloon Stays’l I’ve read about in Cunliffe’s Hand, Reef and Steer?
D. Would you recommend a drifter for forward of the beam, light wind sailing?

PS. I have a cruising assymmetrical spinnaker though haven’t used it much.
PPS. Destarte’ is currently in Mazatlan for el tiempo de hurricano.