Keeping my cool

Several questions:

Unlike the older BCC’s, my house batteries are under my port
dinette seat. I have a gap below the engine bay panel which allows a lot
of noise into the cabin. As I recall, many of the earlier boats have the
house batteries behind the ladder and, I assume, that space is completely
filled. Sumio is concerned about cooling if I fill and insulate the
gap. Anyone have any problems?
On a related topic, has anyone found aftermarket oil pressure and
water temp gauges that plug in to the Yanmar 3 GM 30 senders or replace
the senders without a bunch of adapters? Yanmar is anxious to sell me a
complete new control panel but I’m not anxious to buy one. I’ve never been
comfortable relying on the stock warning buzzer but had more interesting
projects to play with up until now.
Finally, will our boats go to weather in biggish winds with a
couple of reefs and just the staysail flying? I’ve been lucky the last 3
years as most of the 25KT+ winds I’ve been in have been reaches or runs.

Thanks for the help…Tom

Tom: re: battery placement: for better or  for worse we moved the batteries on Sentient from their location below the quarter berth to the well under the floor hatch, just forward of the ladder. We built a hanger for the batteries which are now lower in the boat, easily accesible and also ventillated. Subsequently, placed the refrigeration unit in the now vacant quarter berth space which is immediately adjacent to the cold box. All of this has worked nicely.
Richard Smith