Kikorangi Goes East

Aloha BCC People,

We are pleased to announce that Kikorangi #26 is getting a great new home with wonderful people, Geoff and Reihana. We sure had a fabulous test sail in the San Francisco Bay. Kikorangi is coming back East to start her new life in Rhode Is.


Kate, do you know when and where the boat will be in RI? Would love to meet up with them… right around the corner for me.

Hello forum people,

Yes, Kikorangi will be spending a few seasons out east while Reihana and I familiarize ourselves with her, upskill in certain areas, and attend to upgrades and outfitting for a return to New Zealand where we reside most of the year growing organic produce for the Auckland/Coromandel markets, mobilizing against the poisoning of the NZ bush (see and…or try “.com” instead of “”), and snaring wild boar and hooking kahawai for the table. We knew Kikorangi was the boat for us, given her two successful voyages to NZ from the west coast and, of course, her Maori name (deep sky blue).

After many years enjoying a Danish 6-metre (way, way back), then a Pearson Wanderer and later a Shannon 37, the BCC is ideal for our next adventure…stout, strong, and human scale. And lovely! We are very pleased indeed.

I also must say that Kate Christensen and Bernie Jakits (Rogue Wave) were extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and hard-working in making a fairly complicated long-distance purchase come together. Kate traveled across the country and spent two days visiting boats (in SF and SD) with us, discussing every feature and pro and con imaginable. Bernie subsequently went back out to SF to help at survey and then to take Kikorangi apart and prepare her for trucking. In the process, we learned more than a hell of a lot. If the boat were in Perth or Auckland and we had to sell her for some reason someday, we’d list her with no one other than these fine people…despite the fact that they’d be 9,000 or 12,000 miles away. Thanks Kate. Thanks Bernie.

Good wishes and happy sailing all.
Kia ora na
Geoff and Reihana

Congrats Geoff and Reihana.

We had the great pleasure of sailing on Kikorangi in '77 when her original owners passed through San Francisco on their way to Canada. We lost track of her over the years but are glad to see she is still out there doing her thing.

Stan and Barbara Roeder, still on Waxwing, BCC hull #22 after 29 years.