Layout of mainsheet blocks

In the interest of getting something going here, I thought I’d post an
interesting idea I saw on Brion Toss’s Spartalk BBS. We don’t have our
BCC yet to try this out, but I’d be interested in the opinions of those
who do.

Basically, it’s this. For a setup like the BCC with end-boom sheeting,
Brion suggested an endless mainsheet, with, get this, a 3:1 purchase
AND a 6:1 purchase. In light air, this would be great, and in heavy
air, could be a real equalizer for short-handed crews.

Check the link for his description.

Oops. Here’s the link.

sounds ok…but where do i get a pile of south coast brown cheek blocks
to match (i buy everyone i see at consignment shops) and just how long
does my sheet need to be?  the same thing can be done now by pulling
on both ends of the sheet, can’t it?  splicing together the ends is
an attractive idea to cut down on clutter.

john churchill

bcc #65


Tom Unruh wrote:

Oops.  Here's the link.

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