Layout of Spicer

I am planning a remodel of my interior and recall seeing a BCC named Spicer in Seattle several years back. That interior seemed especially spacious and at the time I recall thinking it was just what I wanted if I got a sailboat.

Does anyone know where Spicer is and how to contact the owners (a couple named Jack and Nan I believe) so I can hopefully get some measurements/information? I also remember that Jack was a boatbuilder somewhere and would hopefully have some good input for me as I need to do a major remodel.

Do any other BCC owners have Spicer’s layout? There was a full settee to starboard and then a standup nav station/fridge forward of it and on the port side a short settee/sliding double with an L-shaped galley forward of it. No table but you cant have it all in a small boat! The focsle had a worktable to port and the head on center.

Norris L. Scott
SV Starshine

Jack sold Spicer several years ago. The most recent location of Spicer I know of is several years old–it was in the small marina at Hadlock, WA, just south of Port Townsend. Jack is an old friend and we are also trying to locate him. He was living with a friend here in Seattle several years ago.

Is Starshine a BCC? If so, how about adding it to the database?
Good luck, Dan

I have the pics of the listing on yachtworld if thats any help. let me know if you want them.

You may have already found the info you were looking for but if not, Sea Star’s layout matches your description with a pair of quarterberths. I found one digital photo taken from under main hatch looking aft. Once I get her cleaned up a bit I can send you some measurements.

David Kent

David, that is an interesting shot you pointed out there… I uploaded it, but didn’t take note that there are 2 qtr berths. So this is Sea Star’s interior? I really like it!

Thanks Ben,
I have always liked the galley forward… I get my headroom under the main hatch without an uphill stance and the larger chart table is nice. The two settees unfold to an awthartship queen but on the the downside neither is long enough to catch a nap under sail. In her next life Sea Star may sacrifice one of those quarterberths in favor of a full length settee and a cockpit locker.
David Kent Sea Star 76