Looking for history

I’m looking for some history on my bcc. The hull was made by Sam Morse in 1976 (hull no 14).
Dilckra was finished in 1980 I think by an Austrailian named Lex White. She was then sold to two men named Jack Comerford and Ray Walton. They sold it to the man I bought it from, Paul Edmonds, a retired merchant seaman. Dilkara spent many
years in the Carribean and about seven years on the hard in a small do-it-yourself marina on the St. John River in Greren Cove Springs Flordia.
I bought her in 1996 and have been restoring her (and sailing her) since then. Paul Edmonds was 82 and not doing well and remembered very little about her history. He has since died.
She is gaff riged with dead eyes and lanyards and a lot of other good old stuff. She is now on a cradle in Nortuhport, Michigan, where I live.
My main interest would be to contact Lex White the builder, but I would love any information you may have about her.

Thanks, Larry Heitman - Dilkara

Is she the gaff rigged BCC pictured in Mate’s book “World’s Best

Stan Roeder:
The owners of Dilkara in 1986 were Jack Commerford and Ray Walton.
She is gaff rigged with dead eyes and lanyards. The topsail is
tanbark, but the rest of the sails are white. The bowsprit is off
center to starboard of the stemhead. She has a regular bow hatch in
place of the scuttle hatch. I have been enjoying restoring her and
sailing her since buying her from Paul Edmonds in l997. I will post
some pics. of her when I can find someone who can scan them for me.
Thanks for the information on her.

Larry Heitman (Dilkara)