Lyle Hess Nor''Sea Fest Invites BCCs

Aloha BCCs,
The Nor'Sea Owners have a Fest every year in Oakland around the Pacific Sail Expo time.
I'm planning to go represent the BCCs from the ROW (That means Rest of the World!)
Sounds like it will be great fun. Several BCCs are showing up in the flesh and a few BCC owners are coming by land. We hope that Lin and Larry will be able to come for dinner, as they should be in Oakland. I'd love to hear Lyle stories from Lin and Larry that I can share at our Chesapeake Lyle Hess Tribute in September.
The Oakland Yacht club is a wonderful spot to do this and I'm sure looking forward to it. They will have a "boat crawl" starting at 1:00 PM and then dinner at the Yacht Club at 6:00 PM. Perfect!
Probably Sunday, we'll all go to Sail Expo and try to "keep up with the neighbors" after gathering new and great ideas from everyone else.
Sounds like a great event!
Thanks to the Nor'Sea People for sharing with all of us.


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