Lyle Hess Tribute A Success!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

It was a wonderful gathering of wonderful people and great Lyle Hess boats!
I’m so happy that everyone showed up. Seeing all the Montgomerys, the
NorSeas, and BCCs there was so very cool.

It really was a tribute to a great man who loved sailing and people. Lyle is
remembered for his generosity of spirit that touched the lives of many
people and through his boats, he surely has touched ours.

Bernie did give a great speech about the bonds that bring all of us together
and shared love and appreciation we have for the sea, for adventure, and for
great, great boats. Rod took lots of great shots as our photographer! Hope
to see those soon. Bob Eeg made it from California to great his fleet of
Montgomerys and NorSeas. Thank you Bob!

So many people invested the time and effort to show up and make it happen.
Thank you ALL! I’ll have to post the list of people who made it from far and
wide. It was really, really great. Lots of sharing ideas and showing off
inventions. Vera’s was delightful! And, Vera is going strong.

Everyone said “Let’s do it again!” Maybe a Spring date to get you all going
early. Or make plans to sail to Bermuda with “Aloha” BCC95.

We’d love to see Lyle’s designs gracing St Georges Harbour next June 25th

Start planning on sailing!

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