Lyle Hess Tribute of 2006?

Aloha Sailors,

Let’s think about it. Our September gathering of BCC, Nor’Sea, and Montgomery sailors was a wonderful success thanks to the great turn out. With 53 of us showing up at Vera’s it really was a time to remember. In 2002 we had the Great Chesapeake Bay BCC Rendezvous with seven. You’ve seen the picture on the BCC site. September worked well as lots of folks where heading South and the Annapolis Boat Show happens Columbus Day weekend, if people are interested in that.

What about rafting in a nice creek where there’s a crab house and a bar? How’s that sound?



This could become a great Chesapeake tradition. The time of year is perfect and last year’s attendance demonstrates the high level of support for the event. You and Bernie did a great job organizing and managing the Rendezvous! I hope to attend this year with my Falmouth Cutter.



The Rendezvous that you are planning in september. Do you know at this time the exact dates. Trying to plan to go this year, but I have work planed for the first week of August and I have not sat down to calculate the time it takes to go from Ft. Myers, Fl to the Chesapeke.