Lyle Hess Tribute Rendezvous Photo's

I just started to post images from the Lyle Hess Tribute Rendezvous 2004.?

Sorry about the delay but until recently, I was rather busy working the foredeck of 3,000 and 4,200 hp tugs.?

I will post more images this week?after I post-process them in Photoshop CS.

Once I have all the images, I will send?you?a CD with high resolution images. The image posted at are low resolution images in compressed JPG format. These are suitable for website viewing but are not suitable for printing or publication.

Individuals may e-mail the images at smugmug directly from the photo-sharing website.?

As more images are posted, I will inform the BCC forum from time to time.?Fair Winds,?


Thanks for sharing. Really great pictures.

Doug Beu
s/v Fritha

Many thanks to Rod for his fabulous photography. The pictures are really, really beautiful and inspirational. It was such a great time spent with many wonderful people that we will all cherish.
Thank you Rod. Your website is gorgeous.
Happy Holidays to all.?
Kate Christensen
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