Lyle Strikes Again

Aloha Sailors,

Hi again. The topic of sailing…those Lyle Hess designed Montgomery sailors
take the cake! They sail more and farther than most of us. Tod Mills of
BuscaBrisas M17 has alerted me that they are planning their attack of
Penobscot Bay and cruising to Mount Desert Island, a place we all want to

Tod says" Some of us Montgomery sailors are in the planning stages for a two
week Maine cruise for the end of next summer, August 27-Sept 11, in the
vicinity from Penobscot Bay to Mount Desert Island, and I’d like to invite
any BCC/Falmouth cutter sailors who would like to join in."

Aloha could well be in the vicinity and I personally love the idea of making
it all about sailing and all about enjoying our Lyle Hess boats.

Maybe our Lyle Hess Tribute should coincide with this great event. This wild
group has extended an invitation to all of us, and we, Kate and Bernie are
game. If you had a chance to see these guys sailing up the Patuxent and up
St. Leonards Creek, you’d get really excited.

Let’s all go.

How about it?

Let’s sail North, Northeast


I was very much impressed with the Montgomery people. When it came time to either stay at the dock or on the hook, these sailors just started their engines, cast of the lines and they were on the hook in no time. A very cool group of sailors
Hats Off,