M asr wedging

I am interested to know what is the preferred material to use for wedging the mast. The BCC I purchased has some soft black foam which seems inadequate for the job. Is is better to use wood wedging or is a hard rubber material preferred ? Thanks in advance
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 I use Spartite which has worked well on my boat.  Locates the mast very firmly in the partner and is pretty water tight.  My mast comes down every Fall and, if I remember to put a little Vaseline on the partner, the plug pops right out and re-sets just fine in the Spring.  I have to calk the sail slot and draw a bead around the mast at the top of the plug to make it completely water tight.

 Before using, check your partner ID.  The first year I used Spartite, I discovered after the fact that my partner had a .010" return on the inside at the top edge.  Had to sawzall the Spartite out.  Works fine now that I have ground off that return.



Spartite is the way to go. The instructions are pretty pretty easy to follow and the kit comes with everything that you need to do the job. One word of caution is make sure that the clay dam that is installed on top of the foam is without any holes or gaps. The Spartite liquid once mixed is the consistancy of honey and will seep through the smallest places. When you pour the Spartite in around the mast go below and make sure you don’t have a leak. Have a mess of rags on hand just in case. The kits come in two sizes and I always used the larger and had very little material left over. If you don’t fill the cavity to the top of the partner you will have a reservoir where water will collect, just what you don’t want. You can do another pour on top of the previous one to fill the cavity to the top of the partner.


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Hi Mark, I too agree with Tom and Bob, about Spartite being the way to go.

On Calliste, 072, the Forespar mast was installed using Honduras wooden wedges at the partners, and still is, but I will switch to Spartite, soon as I can.

Nigel Calder’s book, “Boatowners Mechanical and Electrical Manual”, which I refer to often, says on page 507, “Wood can be used on wood spars, but hard rubber is always used on aluminum”.

I don’t know, but I think the finished Spartite rubber donut stays glued onto the mast when you pull it out ??? I am wondering if it can be done as a removable donut type wedge, does anyone know ?

Nigel’s book also describes using rubber wedges and how to install them .


My mast is painted with Awlgrip and I waxed it before I poured the Spartite. As a result, the Spartite doesn’t stick to the mast (Luckily…see post about overlooking internal lip in mast partner!). The directions do caution you about the permanance of Spartite’s stick. I’m guessing it would be a problem on raw aluminum or wood.

 I'm not sure what you're asking about re: a doughnut wedge.  If you are envisioning splitting the Spartite so it is removeable with the mast in place, that won't work as Spartite is fairly rigid once it sets up and would be problematic to pry a wide enough gap to get it off the mast.  My plug actually slides a little on the mast and needs a  tapping with a block to set it properly at Spring launch.

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I used the hard rubber wedges and made my own mast boot from canvas duck. I like the traditional look of the boot.