mast rake

hello list,

hopefully i’ll be stepping the mast in a couple of weeks. that being said-i have a question- if i have a set of designer sail plan drawings - may i assume the mast rake (if any) will show on that design drawing?

thanks for the help.

Good Question Jo anne , I would think that if you are looking a Lyle’s drawn sail plan, that you might use that sailplan as a starting reference, which would include his reccomendation of mast rake .

I was always astounded when Brion Toss adjusted an exceptional amount of mast bend into Calliste’s mast , by tentioning the staysail stay , saying all the while it would reduce weather helm ???

What he did , didn’t seem to change any sailing charactoristics, that I noticed later .


did he do that after sailing her?

Gary Felton is getting married today. Two Thumbs Up.

Ahoy Jo anne , My BCC was re-rigged, mast re-painted, and stepped in Honolulu, circa 1996. A few months later we had Brion add a whisker pole track up the front of the mast and Carol Hasse fabricated a Spin-drifter for the boat.

Brion was in such demand, he had no time to sail on the boat either before or after his tweeking and track installation, after all, this was just after the P T Wooden Boat Show Sept 1996 .

Rake and bend are on my list right now . I have just installed a new mast, and trying to do it right, my learning curve pretty steep .

Roger is always a good source of info on subjects like this, too .

Funny that I have not read how the Pardey’s rigged Tailesin , with mast rake or bend .

Bil of BCC Zygote has sent me the BCC sail plan , I wonder if the FC has the same rake and bend ?

Gary of BCC Shanti , must have tweeked his mast on FC Anglesea, maybe he will reply after his honeymoon , Congratulations to Him , wouldn’t you know he did his BCC haulout first !