Monitor Vane available

I have removed a monitor wind vane from my boat. It is in excellent condition. If anyone here wants it, let me know. Otherwise I’ll post it on ebay.
I’m more interested in finding a good home for it than in making money.

Craig Lund
BCC 95

How much are you asking? Where is the Monitor located?

very interseted in Vane for BCC. what is the price.
please call (619) 274-6809 my name is michelle. thank you and looking foward to your call.

The vane is in New Hampshire.
I suspect that boxing and shipping it will be expensive (wild guess is $300).
A new Monitor is $4,300. However, the current Cape Horn group buy is much less than that.

Two people expressed interest in the first day. Just email me an offer higher than the $300 it will cost to ship it. Highest bid by June 20 wins.

My email address is

My BCC , Calliste, is in need of a Monitor water paddle, because both the main one and a spare were stolen from me, in Malaysia .

Does anyone have an extra Monitor water paddle, they would part with ?

Douglas E:

The Monitor was sold to Mr. Williams in Houston.
Thanks to everyone who expressed interest.