Monitor windvane

Hello to all,
I recently removed a Monitor windvane from a BCC. It is in very good condition except for a few dings in the bottom brace. It is complete ready to install under the boomkin. Mounting bolts provided. Extra drive chain and parts. Will take any reasonable offer.?
I also took my Dahon Helios folding aluminum bike off my boat. Just don’t have the room. It is new with fender and double pack racks.?
Please email me direct as I do not want to use this site as a swap meet.

Hi Roger,
The whole family is in Traverse City, Michigan.
We are spending about a week here with Karen’s aunt helping fix up and repair her mobile home. I saw your listing on the bcc net. Where did the monitor come
from and what kind of price do you think it is probably worth. It would be fun to have one on our boat to mess with and learn how to work it, but since
we are not planning any long trips for a couple of years, I probably need to just hold off unless…
We wil be checking the email here at the library every day and would love to hear about what went on in San Carlos.
Will write more later

Has anyone interfaced a tiller pilot with a Monitor Wind Vane?
I am looking for information and photos demonstarting and describing
how this is accomplished and how well it works under different
weather conditions.

Yes there apparently is a very sucessful way to do so, but unfornunately I too am awaiting the details. Some friends saw such a tiller pilot to monitor arrangement on a BCC is Cabo. The connecting pieces came form Downwind Marine in San Diego. I ordered the two small pieces ($25) but have not yet either seen a picture of where to mount the tiller pilot?etc and have not yet given it enough serious thought. The basic theory is that the tiller pilot mounts on the taffrail and moves the lead weight on the monitor.
As an aside, I used the tiller pilot connected to the tiller when ever we motored on the trip down the California coast and on down to Bara de Navidad, then back up into the Sea of Cortez. The electronics in the tiller pilot worked fine, but at two separate times the cup that the pilot sits in and then the pin on the tiller itself broke. So it would be nice to have a second set of attachment options. Hopefully somebody else will specic information (pics?) for us both about the how to set this all up.
BCC “Odyssey”

If you get any additional information I would appreciate you forwarding it to me.

Hi all, We used a tiller pilot/Monitor setup for several years with
good success. The fabrication was mine and none too clean. One
problem was the exposure and vibration to the pilot hanging out back.
We are about to set it up again but with a change. We will mount the
pilot in the cockpit and run a good quality control cable to the
Monitor. should be easier on the pilot, make the controls handy and
make the mounting actually easier. If anyone is interested, I’ll post
pics of the setup when complete(1-2 weeks). Trust me, it won’t be

Yes, I would be interested in what you come up with.
Did your previous setup handle all points of sail well, how about weather conditions?


Add my support to your work and pretty or not, I would like to see what you come up with.

We sailed from California to Hawaii last June, only motoring when boat speed droped under 5 knots.

We removed the vane from our Monitor?steering gear?and replaced it with a 6" tall acrylic vane made from material purchased from Tap Plastic. We drilled the vane to accept a standard tiller pilot ball and socket attachment and attached the other end of the tiller pilot to the stern pulpit.

We centered the Monitor rudder and acrylic vane, centered the throw of the tiller pilot and adjusted the attachment point on the stern pulpit during set up. In use, we installed the tiller pilot as mentioned above and dialed it in as if it were attached to a tiller, worked fine, used considerably less power to operate, less of a strain on the tiller pilot.

Good luck,

Marty Chin
POC 46 Camelot

We drilled a hole in the counterweight to accept the pin (that way we
didn’t have to dismount the paddle whenever we used the pilot)and
fabricated a bracket(I use the term loosely) to hang the pilot. It
worked well on all points of sail, but not nearly as well as the
windvane alone. We used the windvane with a piece of cardboard
clothespinned to the top of it in the lightest wind and did well. The
autopilot came into use when we had NO wind and were motoring. We’ll
post the results of our current Italian-American engineering project
when it’s done. Ray

This link was pointed out to me by Greg Delezynski (a Nor’Sea 27 sailor)

It concerns the Monitor windvand and how they recommend an electric
autopilot be hooked onto the vane mechanism.

I thought it was a good way to go.

Fair winds