New BCC Blog

Stewart suggested that I venture into the world of blogging. I have, and although I am just getting started I think it is going to be a bit like varnishing… not too difficult if you keep up with it but let it go for a while and it soon becomes a project. If you’ve a mind to, check it out at
Comments and counsel most welcome.
David Kent
Sea Star Hull 76

That’s great! And I think you are correct, bloggingis like varnishing… requires more sanding, then brushing. I’ll be following. Looks like you’ve made some nice choices for replacements so far. I’ve heard good things bout the Beta engines… they use them here at Gannon & Benjamin alot. And love the Lavac, when its time to replace my head – if ever – id go with the Lavac. Also know a guy with the Wallas stovetop – he loves it!

Good luck with it!

We got a lot of BCC blogs out there now, I think its fabulous. Are we all tweeting yet??! (that’s one I just haven’t gotten into yet).

I have had a Beta engine in my boat for 14 years, and there has only been one failure in that time, which was fixed by Beta at their expense, even though the engine was out of warranty - they knew about the problem and had re-designed the component.

Vacuum toilets: Here I have a tale to tell!

In a previous life I was a partner of a company that made trucks and buses in Belgium. We imported buses in the US, and part of our standard equipment was a stainless steel vacuum toilet, which we had used for years in Europe with no complaints.

A new bus was purchased by a company, as I recall, to transport passengers to Atlantic City.

I received a telephone call very early one morning (I was in Belgium) from a police department in New Jersey asking for assistance.

It appears a lady of some volume had used the toilet and activated the flush while sitting on it, resulting in her becoming the seal on the toilet. There is a lot more to the story, but ultimately the fire department had to drill a hole in the toilet pan to release the suction.

We had to pay serious damages and large medical bills for that incident.

Don’t get sucked in!

Great to see it Dave, lots of good stuff in there, you like the Wallas too. My shipwright says that he knows a guy in Finland who uses one, never had a hitch in 15 years. I’ll be following closely Dave, lots of best wishes.


I am so glad to see that you decided to repair Sea Star. She is looking great!

If you haven’t already purchased your Lavac head, I suggest considering a composting toilet. We have an Airhead and absolutely love it. No smells, no worry of clogs, no pumping out, no seacocks. It’s a great alternative.

Airhead website:

Photos of our Airhead:

Again, the boat looks great! I knew you could do it!

Fair cuts,
Aaron N.