New BCC Costs

Hello all,

I am curious if anyone has a recent price sheet for a new BCC. I would imagine they give a base quote, then proceed to modify it, adding and subtracting where necessary after a buyer has initiated a purchase and given an idea of what he or she wants.
Americano is listed through Roguewave at $300k, and it is essentially new, however I don’t believe she is being sold by SLM. Being so far out of our feasible price range, I haven’t asked about the boat to find out. That being said, I’ve not contact SLM about the costs of having a new boat made because I haved assumed that they are in excess of $300,000 seeing as Americano, which is new, is listed for that amount. I don’t want to interrupt the guys at SLM just to ask for a price list when it’s more out of curiosity than willingness to pursue a purchase.
Another thing I would be interested in seeing is an original “costs” sheet from older boats to see how the prices have increased over the years. I am fascinated that a boat company with 125 completed boats in thirty years as high of quality as they are, has managed to continue construction. I’m sure there have been hard times and I know there have been several owners, but the company is still around despite the overwhelming odds and without skimping on anything! This isn’t fascinating, it’s amazing! Thanks Sam L. Morse.
Anyway, I really appreciate those of you who take time to answer the questions of us prospective BCC owners.

Clear Skies, fair winds and other positive stuff for you all!

Aaron Norlund

Hi Aaron,

When i first started checking out BCC’s back in 1996, i requested a catalog from SLM. Reffering back to that, the price sheet lists two prices…

Looks like a basically finsihed boat was going for $141,038 and a semi complete yacht was going for $99,874.

The sheet includes alot of information. Definitely worth requesting a brochure if you havent already.

I’m curious to see what they are listed as today.