New Cape Horn for Sale

I have a brand new Cape Horn steering system designed for my BCC which I never installed. I bought it in 1999 for $2150.00 and decided not to put it on the boat until we went cruising. Since then I decided to build a Freehand system. The Cape Horn is completely new and in perfect shape. I would be happy to sell it for $1500.00 plus shipping (from Seattle). I would be happy to send pictures.

I’m thinking of getting either a Cape Horn or Freehand system. Why did you choose the Freehand System?

I was torn between the two of them and Roger Olson convinced me that the Cape Horn was superior due to the fact that you could remove the servo paddle completely from the water, a big advantage when motoring. The trim tab on the freehand system is a problem motoring especially in reverse. The “Mike Mallory” modification (essentially a locking mechanism for the trim tab) had not been invented yet. Roger’s boat had the Cape Horn and the installation seemed clean. Since then I have had the opportunity to study Taleisin for an entire winter since Lin and Larry Pardey berthed her on our dock while home in New Zealand. I liked how simple the system was but Mike Anderson, the builder of the freehand, wants $7000.00 for a new system. (!) I decided capitalize on the rare opportunity of having the Pardeys around and build the freehand with Taleisin’s rig as a pattern and Larry as consult. It took me some time and about $2,000 in materials. Honestly, if I didn’t run into the Pardeys, I would have put the Cape Horn on our boat. In any case, the Cape Horn I have needs a good home and I think $1500 for the system (which has never touched the water or wind) is a good deal. Hope this helps!

Craig Compton
s/v Little Wing


I’m curious why the Freehand system costs so much to fabricate. Perhaps you could highlight your building process and offer some insight into the grotesque cost of fabricating a wind vane.

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Aaron N.

A new Cape Horn Windvane System costs about $2,700 USD. The $1,500 USD asking price is a bargin.

IDUNA is fitted with a Cape Horn System. Based on my experience I reviewed the Cape Horn Windvane at this forum. The thread can be found by searching the forum using the keywords: Cape Horn Windvane.

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I’m not sure what you mean by grotesque…and I started to outline my material cost in this thread, but it was becoming a book and I’m not sure why I was doing it…the subject is Cape Horn for sale. If you are really interested in the details of the freehand, call Mike Anderson at Anderson Boat Works ( I too thought his price was high until I made one of his designs myself…and I am a furniture maker by trade. And like Rod, “I do not want to discuss selling and details of the vane on the forum. If you want more information, please send me a private message.”

If you are selling your wind vane I would appreciate it if you did so on your own thread. I want to sell my Cape Horn and it is confusing if you have another system for sale on the back of mine. With that said, I think your vane is very interesting and a good deal.
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Sorry for the hijack. Grotesque referring to the $7000. I’m sure every cent is used well by Anderson Boatworks - I’m just interested in the complexity of the systems and what all is entailed in making one. I’ll query Anderson Boatworks.

Aaron N.

Please call me any time about the Cape Horn windvane and would you send a photo to Thank you, Matt 919-740-2852

The Cape Horn has sold. Thank you.

The Cape Horn has sold. Thank you.

Thank you for the courtesy to advise us: Most people forget, or don’t bother.

BTW: There are two images of nav light arrangements, Port and Starboard on the Gallery > Upload images file: Are these yours? When posting images, it’s kinda important to identify the boat!

Somehow I don’t think they are yours, but I would like to know where to place them, or what their purpose is!

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Those pictures of the lightboxes appear to be from BCC Mandy.

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Aaron N.

Hi John,
No, those pictures are not of Little Wing. Thank you for making a Little Wing folder…I have more images to download, but have been too busy to get to it. I am aware that I have to include the boat name.

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Cool, thanks for telling me:

Let me know when you have uploaded more images