new name, new homeport

We joined the BCC family last summer when we bought Little Hawk (hull 84) in Annapolis. This summer we had her trucked from NC to Seattle and in honor of her new life renamed her Telos, a term from Greek philosophy meaning culmination, goal, or aim ~ chosen because after many other boats, we finally have the boat we always longed for, the boat of our dreams ~ a BCC.

Sally and Kevin,

Congratulations – I always wondered where that boat ended up. She was on Martha’s Vineyard wasn’t she?

Sally & Kevin,
Welcome to the family and congratulations on making a wise choice on the best and most beautiful 28’ boat built.
Best to you,
Mark SV “Lightfoot”

Glad to hear that you are both so excited. You have a right to be. Those of us who are BCC owners realize what a special boat it is. I think you will find that this site is one of the best ways to get answers to your questions. I have a high respect for all those who respond. You are in good hands.