NOAA Raster Navigation Charts

The Office of Coastal Survey of NOAA has its Raster Navigation Charts (RNC ? ie raster versions of the paper charts, not vector charts), in BSB format available for free download.

To download a RNC, point your browser to: Page Not Found | Office of Coast Survey
where you can acknowledge reading an informative statement.

RNCs can be selected numerically or graphically. To use the graphic interface, you need a recent version of the Java Run-time Environment (a link is provided on the RNC download webpage). The server has been down a few times, from either software instability or downloader demand. I have found specifying a chart by number to be much faster and more convenient than using the graphic interface.

Free ?demo? software for viewing the RNCs is available from:




Thanks for posting the information. If Senator Santorum (R-Pa) has his way, Senate Bill 786, NOAA would be limited to providing only severe weather forecasts. All other services now provided by NOAA would be provided by commerical interests using NOAA data and services paid for by our tax dollar. So far Senate bill 789 has not won a single co-sponsor in the U.S. Senate.

Send your Senators an e-mail asking them not to support Senate Bill 789.