I looked in the database, saw one, but the information wasnt accurate. Are there any owners in NY/CT, long island sound area?

Also, looking for anyone who has lived aboard a BCC in a slip/dock as there primary residence. Since this boat was designed to migrate, I was curious to see what modifications or set ups had been worked out for a more sedentary experience.


(i dont quite understand this forums reply system, so i copied in the reply to this thread here – corect me if this is wrong)


thanks for that. I will keep an eye out for your threads and make the connection, and see what other things you have posted about in the past regarding living aboard. But that all sounds good… the marina bathroom/shower thing… thats the best mod!

I def plan to take many trips, but at this time cant afford the house AND boat thing, so its gotta be a boat.


Hi Benjiwoodboat:

Lived aboard Calypso for over a full year before leaving to go cruising - we were working/commuting all that time, so perhaps our experience is valid . . . we lived aboard at Portofino Harbour, in Kemah, and both worked in Houston or north. We did plan (and execute) a cruise at the tail end of the living aboard time, so did not make many mods.

Main ones - all reversible . . . TV in main saloon (Calypso has a double bunk forward), small college fridge on the floor to port as you come down the companionway (and beagles CAN open the doors on those . . .) and an air conditioner (window unit) with a truly cool (both meanings) hose unit bringing air into both the main saloon and the forward bunk area. Possibly the best modification has more to do with the marina than anything else - get a slip as close as possible to the head/ dock/ laundry!!

Friends of ours speak fondly of turning their cars into moving closets, but I seem to recall just the hanging locker as good enough for us. Houston had very cheap drycleaning for Jeremy’s work shirts, which helped on the ironing front.

Living aboard in a busy marina is an incredible lifestyle, one that will reap you incredible benefits. Best of luck with your plans, but don’t forget - those boats are meant to MOVE!!!


S/v Calypso, BCC #6

Bob, everyone’s living aboard experience is a little different. It mostly depends on personal preferences of convienence while at the dock, i.e. pressure water, heater, refrig, air conditioning.

We have lived aboard for 25 years with the last five at a dock most of the time. Yet we opted to stick with a foot pump for water presure, our small propane/ac/dc refrig, a tiny electric heater in winter(Gulf Coast) and a big airconditioner(GULF COAST) in the summer. In other words, we haven’t added anything different from when we were full time cruising…(okay, a phone, PC and a tv antenna).

With the exception of having to take down the sun shade (and remove the air conditioner in summer) it only takes 35 minutes (we’ve timed it) from thinking of maybe going sailing to actually raising the main on the way out of the harbor.

A small boats restriction of space requires being neat and always keeping everything in its place which helps reduce the prep time when you decide to go for a sail.

We have never considered moving ashore especially after a week or three of house sitting from time to time… we just don’t want all the space.

true true… living aboard is a very individual-taste-type-thing. Good to know folks are doing it aboard a BCC. Now to find the right BCC !

Any pics of a double bunk forward out there? I’m curius to see that set up. Does anyone have a head located someplace other then the fwd cabin?

So no NY BCC’s eh?

thanks Stan

We have a double wide v-berth. The pix are here:

Very roomy and very comfortable. The main saloon bulkhead is in the original position that Hess designed it…not moved forward as in later years. She is a '77, hull #22

We have a double wide v-berth. The pix are here:

Very roomy and very comfortable. The main saloon bulkhead is in the original position that Hess designed it…not moved forward as in later years. She is a '77, hull #22

Stan, looks awesome. Whats the head arrangement? I see toilet paper and a kitty box !! I’d love to see more pics of your boat. Like the racks in the overhead. Looks so lovely. Does anyone know when (what hull #) they moved the bulkead fwd? Thanks, Ben

Here is some more interior.


Sorry about the pic’s. I’ll have to get them in one file before I post them.

oh interesting shot of the computer “desk”. Ive been thinking about an arrangement for that since i do a fair amount of freelance web design work at home in teh evenings… will defintely need a comfortable work station and broadband connection at the boat. I can’t quite get the layout of the workstation there… looks like its aft, where the 1/4 berth is to stbd… pretty much what i had been envisioning, altho i was hoping to sneak the computer in a bit deeper, with a fairly low seat.

thanks for the pic…you can always email them if thats easier. ben@beneriksen.com


Trying pic again.

Geeze, I really don’t understand this pic post system, but apparently you have to complete your message before you go hunting for the pics, because once you attach them the whole thing gets posted and you never get back to explain the composition.

Anyway, if there is anything there that isn’t self explanatory I’ll be glad to answer any questions.

By the way, the computer is sitting in the mouth of the starboard quarterberth with a lot of empty space behind that is not accessable without moving the monitor. My plans include going to a thin screen or better yet, a new laptop with wi-fi that will replace everything there except the printer.

wow – really nice set up there… im ready to move in ! Thanks for sharing these. It all makes perfect sense.

Yeah the LCD monitor will be nice. I’ll probably shrink my system from 3 monitors and two machines, to a single large laptop as well.

I was about to say, a 15’ Powerbook looks like it’d fit in real nice there!

Stan, I really like the idea of the slats along the cabin liner. Do you know if the original owner (are you him?) put them there for the same purpose you have found for them - papers and such? Interesting approach to the interior, too! Nice boat, and Merry Christmas to you, too!

Aaron N.

yeah – when is apple gunna make the 17’ macbook pro – that what i want to know!


The slats across the deck beams is only in one section and I usually keep the working daily charts there…seems to collect paperwork while in port.

The other charts for a particular passage are kept in the large flat area door that makes up a false front on the icebox/refer. It is hard to see in the pic but the fold out chart door is just barely opening. Behind it is shallow area about 3 inches deep where charts are kept flat(or folded once).

Hey Ben,

I purchased Too Loose (now Susie Q) last year and live in Northport. Susie Q is now being worked on in Deltaville VA and I’ll be sailing her to NY in May.

I’m new to sailing and can’t give much advise, but I love the boat and am having a great time sailing her. I just returned from the BVI and saw some great looking boats, but there were none as special as the BCC.

Let me know if you want to do some sailing this summer.



Thats great – new to sailing AND you got a BCC… way to kick it off ! Congratulations.

Well im right around the corner in St. James, work in Melville. I’d love to check her out when you get her up here.

I’ve done a fair amount of deliveries (9 yrs on tall ships, transatlantic, caribe to Maine to Canada, 100 ton license etc…) so if you want a local with some good experience to make the trip north with, let me know.