off topic, but still boating ...

Hi Guys and gals,
It’s not sailing or a BCC. But it is boating here in the Caribbean. Specifically the BVI. Was shot for Power and Motoryacht magazine for a feature on Bareboat vs Crewed charters. These are the proofs sent to the editor,
Hope it motivates more of you to sail on down!



Very nice professional work - good tonal range, hue saturation and composition. What most people don’t understand is the the work that goes into these photographs. Were the models professional or a captain and charter crew?

In regard to boating, the only reason to own a boat is to work on it. Sailing is frivolous compared to working on a boat :-). Who really wants to spend their days sailing with the trades through the Caribbean when they can be home sanding and varnishing or hanging upside down while trying to reach a bolt in the engine compartment. Now, that’s real boating.

Thanks for sharing your work and reminding me why I enjoy suffering in the winter cold. I know you are envious you can not freeze your toes off in the Caribbean. If you become depressed boating and working in the warmth of the trades, you can visit us when it is 0 degrees F and the windchill is -10 F.

Fair Winds :-),


Thanks Rod,
Models were the senior editor at PMY and his wife…plus a pro crew from the Moorings.

Bet my reefer would work better up there!