On Board with a BCC

Hello everyone,

After carefully considering the purchase, I took the leap and bought a BCC. It’s been in Japan for six years and is quite well eqipped for offshore work. I’m hoping to spend the next few years adding additional offshore capabilities to her and then heading SE Asia and points west.

I’m looking forward to participating in this excellent forum and learning from you all.

All the best,
Warren Fraser
s/v Rigorus (perhaps)

Welcome aboard.Congratulations on your purchase. This group of people are the best and if you need to know anything about a BCC you most likely will be able to find it here, Just ask and someone will have some input.
Bob & Lois

Jolie Brise

Hi Warren, I hope you enjoy your BCC as much as I do mine .

It really is difficult to make the best decisions for your personal boat modifications, with out contact with others, who will share their hard won information and ideas.

I have always wished for a central location where BCC owners would describe their boat and equipment modifications along with photos , but alas , this forum is the best there is .

The former newsletter editor was of the opinion, that the lack of such a data repository, would create a naturally curious demand, so that if and when you saw a different BCC enter your area, you would make the effort to greet the owners and ask to visit their boat, but I didn’t agree with this opinion, because there are so few occasions to do this, and our decision making must proceed, in the mean time.

There are BCC owners who never write or contribute to this forum and it is a great loss to the rest of us, because they have done wonderful things to their BCC’s, and we get no access to view them .

A BCC is worth the effort and money, because you have really got something good to start with .

Good luck , and enjoy the dream fulfillment , Douglas

Thanks for the welcome. I’ll be splashing the boat in a couple of weeks and am looking forward to making her mine. First order of business is varnishing the mast, then painting the bottom, then repainting the interior whites. Fortunately mechanical and electrical repairs are not needed, yet.

Wishing everyone a great season on their BCCs.