original sail plan

I own a Canadian built boat, Overcomer, and currently have the mast off re rigging. I’m wondering where I could access an original sail plan as I never got the drawings with the boat. I would like to re step the mast to the designed rake and tune it from there. Any help would be greatly appreciated


Hi Bill I have the construction manual that came with the boat, I have the sail plan for the marconi rig but when you talk about original was that the gaff rig. I could fax to you what you need, give me a fax number and exact details.


Hi Stewart…thanks for the offer… the marconni sail plan is what i’m after…i’ll have to get a fax number to you…appreciate you taking the time


Just a quickie Bill, When you step your mast, do not have any rake at all. When you adjust your rig, pull the staysail stay taught then tighten the backstay so you have a little bend in the mast. This will result in a balanced helm. Make sure you keep an eye on your track as you adjust the shrouds. When it is time to adjust your rigging and if you are unsure what to do, drop me an email and I can walk you through it.