Origins of the Freehand Steering System

Happy New Year! to all my BCC / Falmouth friends…

I finally got around to putting this short 4 min piece together on the Freehand Steering System. Thought I’d share it with you. Let me know what you think,

Mike Anderson

click here:

P.S. It’s a good time to complete your boats with a Freehand.

Great Video, Mike.
Can you build an upper vane unit for my gaff BCC per drawings I sent you. Look forward to your quote either fixed price or T&M

Nice Job Mike !


Nicely done. And the unit shows as jewelry to my eyes.


Ahoy Mike , Gee Whiz , I think we all are soooo very appreciative that you offer and fabricate the “Free Hand Wind Vane” , for us .

It was the demonstration of the vane , that you gave me , during an afternoon sailing on “Tansy Lee” (sp-?) in Newport Harbor, that gave me so much respect and subsequent awe , for what Larry and Lin , contributed to our Hess Boat sailing community .

Together You and L & L , have made many of our Sailing dreams come True .

I guess that you will never hear of Night or Long Day Watches where your work sees the Sun , stars , and the Southern Cross , but there are a very rare few of us who know what you have done to dedicate so much effort and skill to help us steer a straight course on our way to our dreams , way over seas .

A Big T Y , for helping me get BCC Calliste ready for her Westerly Voyaging , and our Re-fit stay at “Sea Spray Boat Yard” was the Best , say Many Thanks to Paulette (sp-?) from me as well !

Happy New Year , Douglas , BCC Calliste , Singapore .

David , Mike , Mark, and Dougy, thank you guys for making nice comments, I really appreciate the feedback… Doug you’re a poet! Thanks for reminding me of our afternoon demo of the Freehand…I do remember us having a good time and I do miss you from our sub -culture here at Sea Spray. Keep in touch bro.