Osmosis continued

To the BCC group

When fiberglass boat building began many years ago we did not know that osmosis would exist. Now we know it exists in various situations, various severity and on various boats. In an attempt to do everything we can to eliminate the possible problem we began using vinyl ester resins for the skin coat in the early 90's because it retards the ingress of moisture. If this is followed by an epoxy barrier coat we feel certain that there will not be any problems for years....how many years? Since we do not know what the longevity of this protection will be we are taking it a step further. Instead of using gel coat below the waterline we are using Duratec Vinyl Ester Primer. This is followed by the vinyl ester skin coat as before. An optional epoxy or vinyl ester barrier coat should eliminate any problems for the life of the boat.

Before we begin the lay-up, I attempt to persuade the buyer to eliminate the boot top and use the vinyl ester to the top of the boot. When the bottom paint goes on we select the color that would best match the boot they would have wanted. This eliminates any problems that could exist when the boat is loaded and lower the waterline. It also eliminates the scrubbing of the boot top at the waterline.

If you have any questions feel free to call or email me.

Roger Olson

Sam L. Morse Co.