Outboard or electric powered BCC's anyone???

Hello BCC World,
I am considering buying a BCC without an engine. Does anybody have a BCC that is outboard powered or with an inboard electric motor? I am also considering the Torqeedo electric outboard.
So, does anyone have any experience with an alternative to diesel?
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Hi Art,
I sailed my falmouth cutter for 16 years without an engine. When I needed to go to the dock just used the dinghy tied on the hip. And I have done that now with my BCC.

Tried an outboard for awhile. Great for flat water, but not wourth a damn in much of a chop. But usually when it’s choppy it means it’s windy also…so ya sail.

As of now I am engineless on my BCC, and it’s not slowing me down. In fact I’m sailing faster now that I have taken off the prop. Will be looking at electric motors as a diesel replacement when the cash becomes avaliable.

A BCC is small enough and sails well enough you don’t really need an engine. It’s really fun without an engine. But for some in hi current areas it is better with a strong engine.

Also will make you a better sailor if you can’t just reach down and turn a key…