I am about to purchase an auxillary outboard for my engineless Falmouth Cutter and have narrowed my choices down to three units: the 3.5 hp Tohatsu/Nissan/Mercury, the 2.0 hp Honda, and the Torqeedo electric outboard. All of these units would be the long shaft version. I like the power of the Tohatsu unit, but am less excited about the 40 pound weight. The Honda weighs only 29 pounds, which is a plus, but may be too anemic on power. The Torqeedo unit is a marvelous piece of equipment and undoubtedly an early precursor of future propulsion systems. It is very light weight and incorporates innovative technology, but it is unfortunately very expensive and its power output is short lived.

I would be interested in the experience of others regarding powering the Falmouth Cutter with an outboard motor, particulary with respect to horsepower
and/or the three engine options referenced above.


While we are mixing and matching forums, if you work your way over to the Flicka20 site, you can link to several lengthy discussions. Flickas are almost 2000 pounds lighter, if I recall correctly, and those who spoke seemed to conclude that a Tohatsu/Nissan 6hp, with something called “elephant ears” was light enough to mount and dismount without back surgery and had the lower-geared torque to move the boat at hull speed, as well as strength in reverse.

If they give you any grief, tell them Rod B. sent you, he’s the patriarch of the site.

Jerry: Hi!

Zygote has a Honda 4-stroke 2hp outboard, used to power her Cherub dinghy.

It’s an okay engine with the great low fuel consumption expected of a 4-stroke and, because it’s air-cooled, it does not need the leg flushed before stowing (neat when you’re a long way from a dock hose).

Noise and smell are different from that of a 2-stroke water-cooled outboard. No neutral - it uses a centrifugal drive so low rpm = neutral. That takes time to get used to. Plastic prop. Reverse drive is only by swiveling the unit right around.

Major con is that Honda assembled it with some mild steel bolts. The recommended work-around is to use lanolin grease liberally on those bolts.

Comes in two leg lengths.

But 2hp would be seriously underpowered for a FC, no?




Thanks for the feedback re the Honda 4-stroke 2hp outboard.

The horsepower issue is certainly a major consideration regarding engine choice, and as you point out, the 2hp Honda seems to be anemic in that department, at least relative to using it as an auxilary for the FC. On the other hand, Lin Pardey, in response to an inquiry from me, stated that they use a 2hp outboard mounted on their dinghy and then lashed to the aft quarter to propel Taleisin.
While the horsepower is low, the weight is light, only 28 pounds.

My first choice looks to be the 3.5hp Tohatsu. At 40 pounds it is heavier than the Honda but provides nearly double the horsepower. Sufficient I believe to move the FC in most situations but certainly not the equal in horsepower to an inboard diesel. However, I have the benefit of having much additional interior space, something at a premium in a Falmouth Cutter, without the smell always associated with an inboard diesel.

Tradeoffs and compromises, ever present factors in owning a boat, even one as magnificant as a FC or BCC.

Thanks again.