Hello folks:

Let’s please understand what I was saying:

No-one objects to Kate being an active part of the forum - as an
owner or as a broker, but Sam L. Morse is in the business of
building and selling new boats.

For this to happen, there has to be a valuable aftermarket, and it
is certain that Kate and Bernie have done a great job here.

However, the forum is for the benefit of owners, and if there are
used boats for sale, and we have a list of those boats, I don’t see
any problem with Rogue Wave listing brokerage boats on the SLM site.

What we DO have a problem with is creating the boat sales listing
specifically aimed towards Rogue Wave. That was the impression I got
from Kate’s message. If I am wrong, then I sincerely apologise.

Kate: Thanks for the heads-up about the lack of contact information
on the current site - I had not noticed that, probably because I am
too busy working on the new site - I will get it fixed today.