Has anyone rebedded the glass in their ports? What have you used to bed them? Also, does anyone know of a source for the gaskets that were used in the ABI ports?

Dioscouri (#064)

I “re-bedded” the glass in one port by making my own gasket from neoprene rubber. Buna-N will also work. It is very easy to do. Once you take the glass out, follow these steps:

  1. Use the port glass as a template to cut a round disk (gasket blank) from the rubber,

  2. Assemble the port with the with the gasket blank,

  3. With a new single edge razor, use the inner bronze ring as a guide, carefully cut the center out of the gasket blank.

Note: Care should be exercised when you initially remove the inner bronze ring from the port. This is the ring that holds the glass in the port. Place light oil around the threads surface of the ring and allow it to soak.

I also made the gaskets that seal the port when it is closed. I used 1/4" X 1/4" O-ring stock then glued the ends together with an industrial super glue. I had success with this methods others have not. I replaced all of IDUNA’s nine gaskets for less than $20.

Cut an over sized length of the square Buna-N stock then fit it to the port cut to length in place and glue the ends together. Do not try to form the ring first.